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Dear Legislators:

My name is _________, and I am one of your constituents. 

I am writing you today to oppose HB 253- Abortion Amendments. 

There are some facts about abortion I would like to consider before voting on this bill. 

1 in 7 women in Utah will have an abortion by the age of 45. Many
women have abortions because they do not have the financial means to
take care of a child. 59% of women who get an abortion are already
mothers. They choose to get an abortion to ensure they can continue to

provide for the children they already have.

Women who were denied abortions were 4x more likely to live below
the poverty line and were more likely to be unemployed and/or on public
assistance then women who received abortions. Additionally, they were
likely to be single parents or stay in abusive relationships.

But most importantly of all: 95% of women say having an abortion was the right decision for them. Additionally, they are more likely to describe themselves as being in very good relationships later in life and are more likely to have an intended pregnancy within the next five years.

Many people forget that abortion is a necessary medical procedure for many women to ensure their health and happiness and that of their future children. This bill makes the informed consent process much more onerous, expensive, and time consuming for patients seeking abortion- against the guidance of medical science and a multitude of physician associations. Furthermore, there is no clause that dictates that the information in the module be scientifically accurate or approved by practicing physicians. This bill will not help women, but will instead hurt them. 

As such, I hope you vote against HB 253. 

Thank you for you hard work this session.

For more information on the science and stories behind abortion, please visit: utahrpc.org





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